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2020-10-07 09:43[中考英语语法] 来源:互联网 评论:0条 and by 不久以后

  He'll come round by and by. 他会慢慢想通的。

  We'll meet again by and by. 我们不久又会再见.

  They'll be arriving by and by. 他们不久就要到达.

  By and by the clouds disappeared. 乌云不久便消散了.

  2.more and more 越来越多

  a.“越来越多的” 后接名词

  More and more people entered the train and the train was crowded..越来越多的人上了火车,火车非常拥挤.

  b.“越来越,日益” 后接部分形容词或副词的原级,这些形容词或副词变比较级时需要加more.

  My hometown is getting more and more beautiful.我的家乡变得越来越美丽了.

  He works more and more carefully.他工作越来越认真了. and all 个个都

  We are here one and all. 我们全都在这儿。

  et us sing together, One and all a joyous song. 让我们一起唱歌,全部都是欢乐的歌曲。 and only 唯一的,独一无二的

  you are my life. You're my one and only dream. 你是我的性命,你是我唯一的梦想。 and there 处处

  I do a bit of teaching here and there


  So how do you squeeze an extra hour here and there?


  6.up and down 上上下下

  All up and down the street the windows bang shut


  7.back and forth=backwards and forewords 前前后后

  He paced back and forth. 他来回踱步。

  The people swayed back and forth with arms linked. 人们手挽手,前后摇晃着。 and downs 一上一下,起伏

  Every relationship has a lot of ups and downs. 每一段感情都有许多起伏。

  Life is full of ups and downs. 生活是曲折的。 in and day out 天天(表连续不停息)

  This is a guy who lives and breathes pressure day in and day out. 这是一个日复一日生活在压力中的人。

  He works hard day in and day out. 他日复一日地努力工作着。 and night =days and nights 昼夜,终日终夜

  night and day 夜以继日 all day and all night 整天整夜地

  In theory I'm on call day and night. 从理论上说,我现在昼夜待命。

  11.on and on 继续不停地

  Gee whiz, they carried on and on, they loved the evening.


  The old men blather on and on. 这几个老头喋喋不休。

  12.on and off 断断续续地

  Sam was flicking a flashlight on and off. 萨姆啪啪不停地把手电筒开了又关。

  She fascinated him, both on and off stage. 不管是台上还是台下的她,都让他着迷。 ones and twos 三三两两地

  They began to leave the auditorium by ones and twos. 他们开始三三两两地离开了礼堂。 and the same 完全一样地

  Luckily, Nancy's father and her attorney were one and the same person


  Mark Twain and Samuel Clemens were one and the same.


  15.rain and shine 不管天晴还是下雨,不管境遇如何

  sink and swim 听任沉浮,无论如何

  16.In and out (of sth) 时进时出(某地)

  Quickly dip the base in and out of cold water.


  17.wheel and deal 讨价还价,玩弄手段,投机取巧

  He still wheels and deals around the globe. 他仍然在世界各地招摇撞骗。

  18.spick and span 房间、屋子等打扫得干干净净的;整洁的

  The apartment was spick and span. 公寓非常整洁。

  19.bread and butter 维持生活所需的

  The mobile phone business was actually his bread and butter.

  移动电话业务实际上是他的主业。 and dine 以好酒好菜款待客人

  ou don't have to wine and dine your higher-ups. 你犯不着用酒肉来奉承上司。

  21.done and dusted (计划或活动等)已经完全结束(或准备好了)

  Completely done and dusted. 彻底地完成并扫尾。

  22.over and out 通话完毕 and fro 往返地,来回地

  The boat was rocking gently to and fro in the water. 小船在水中轻轻地来回摇荡。

  24.hide and seek 捉迷藏 完毕,了结

  Your little hide and seek just makes me shout.


  25.bring and buy 慈善救济性自由集市 and large 大体上,总的说来,一般的说

  They were, by and large, a very wealthy, privileged elite.


  27.down and out 贫困的,贫病交迫的

  Would you love me if I was down and out?


  28.said and done 说到底,毕竟

  You are quite a fellow to build this bridge after all I've said and done.

  你真是一个了不起的小伙子,能建这座桥。这毕竟是我能说的和做的。 and mouse 猫鼠游戏,欲擒故纵

  We've been playing cat and mouse. 我们在玩猫和老鼠。

  After three hours of playing cat and mouse, they threatened to open fire on our vessel, so we stopped


  30.flesh and blood 家人

  She's my own flesh and blood. 她是我的亲骨肉。

  I want someone who is flesh and blood. 我想要的是一个有血有肉的人。

  31.dribs and drabs 点滴、少量

  Clients came in dribs and drabs. 顾客三三两两地来了。

  32.tried and tested 经过反复考验的

  You need trust because the technology has not been tried and tested.


  33.rights and wrongs 事情的真相、全部

  The rights and wrongs of the case are perfectly clear and admit of no dispute.


  There are no rights and wrongs to the learning process.

  学习过程里没有对错。 and white 黑白分明的;绝对的

  The pictures were in black and white. 这些照片是黑白的。

  She saw things in black and white.她总是用简单绝对的眼光看待事物。

  35.dos and don'ts行为准则,须知,注意事项

  美国俚语 dos and don'ts,亦作do's and don'ts,

  It's difficult traveling to new countries as it takes a while to learn all their cultural dos and don'ts.


  36.haves and have nots 富人和穷人

  The gulf between the haves and the have-nots appeared to have changed little.


  37.ins and outs 细节,始末,详情

  I don't know the ins and outs of the matter.


  Do you know the ins and outs of the job?


  38.kiss and tell 泄漏秘密

  You know I'm not the type to kiss and tell.


  39.odds and ends 零碎东西,零星杂物

  She put in some clothes, odds and ends, and make-up


  She is tidying up the odds and ends.


  40.P's and Q's 言行

  You must mind your p's and q's when you get there.


  She told her son to mind his P's and Q's at the banquet.


  41.pros and cons 赞成和反对

  Motherhood has both its pros and cons.


  hey sat for hours debating the pros and cons of setting up their own firm


  42.tried and true 蛮好的

  a good source of tried and true tips on how to cope with the various aspects of the illness.


  43.year in and year out 一年到头

  They went on shooting each other, year in and year out.


  44.whenever and wherever 随时随地

  By simply planning a route, you can explore at will and stop whenever and wherever you like.



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