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We’ve all blown first impressions before and we’re still standing. That means they aren’t important, right? Wrongo-mania.

First impressions often times set the stage for an entire relationship, or lack thereof, and if you can learn how to master them you’ll start seeing better results all across the board.
第一印象往往能够加倍设定整个关系的基调, 如果你能学习如何掌控它们,你会开始看到更好的结果。

In your work life, personal life, even love life, first impressions separate the winners from the folks who talk about some day being winners. Here are 7 ways make these crucial moments count.

1) Use a CONCISE greeting

This point one is #1 because it’s the first point of interaction, not to mention the most-commonly screwed up.
这一点是最重要的,因为这是相互交流的起点,如果这都做不好, 更不用说最常见的搞砸了。

And as Wikipedia notes, the greeting we choose, combined with our physical presentation (#2) are the biggest contributors to the mental image we leave someone with.

Now, we all have that friend who manages to say too much when first meeting someone. He/she opens up into their relationship, pet, and family problems before the other part has muttered a “nice to meet you.”

While there is a lot to be said for candid honesty and being passionate, this sort of greeting doesn’t go too far in settings where you’re being judged professionally or on some other merit.

Instead, you odds are much safer with a greeting like “pleasure’s mine”. Then, let the other party do the talking. It’s okay to plan this greeting in advance – the key is to say less and by doing this convey a position of power while commanding respect.
用像“很高兴能为你效劳” 这样的问候,你的优势会更多一些。然后,让对方来说话。提前想好问候语也没关系——关键是少说, 通过这样做,表示地位并赢得尊重。

2) Look the part

For men it usually amounts to running a bit of gel and a comb through ones hair and tucking in a nice shirt and tie. For girls, well I have no idea but do have a serious respect for the time it takes to prepare oneself.

If you fail to look decent but talk well, you’ll cut yourself shorter than if you looked great and talked average. Stress the important things, those people remember.

Keep in mind, people look to salient (less-obvious) clues for gathering intelligence on you, and a big one is just someones appearance and demeanor.
请记住,人们在了解你的信息时会寻找重要(不太明显)的线索, 而其中很大的一部分是你的外表和举止。

3) Listen, play off of someone

Following your short greeting, it’s important to listen to what the other party is saying. If you over-plan your first impression, this becomes tricky and you’ll likely say something off-handed or just fail to say anything.

So keep in mind you need to listen. Playing off someone else’s initial remarks shows poise and will earn you instant respect.

Showing an ability to play off of someone else’s comments gives yourself an extra aura of confidence and awareness people will surely find attractive.

4) Rid yourself of stress

This one is tricky. However if you find your mind wandering to a moment of stress, like something nagging you, you’ll often face-plant mid conversation. We all do it.

So before you head off the big meeting or big date, try to free your mind of whatever it is that’s worrying you.

Don’t turn to alcohol. Instead, just take a few deep breathes and maybe have a laugh at yourself too. Freeing up your mind will really help you interact smoothly and pleasantly.
不要喝酒。做几次深呼吸,也许还可以自嘲一下。 释放你的头脑能真正地帮助你和他人顺利、愉快地互动。

5) Make the right amount of eye contact

The right amount of eye contact basically equivocates to showing someone you care about what they are talking about.

Making too much of it, well, that’s not really a problem. Everyone has their own style. But if you fail to make eye contact you may appear aloof or careless. You may even appear scared.

It’s important to practice making eye contact in first impression situations, so even if it bothers you try and get out there and stare ‘em down.

6) Be comfortable with the mic

If you have acheived all of the above, you need to be comfortable speaking when the conversation drifts your way. That means confidently telling folks what you do, why you do it, and a couple other interesting facts about yourself.
如果上面的这几项你都掌握了, 那么当轮到你说话时,你要泰然自若。也就是说要自信地告诉对方你做了什么事情、为什么去做,还有一些自己的趣闻。

If you can’t manage this, or stammer, or act confused, all your efforts will be wasted. If you can show composure and speak with a bit of authority, you’ll really drive the nail in. Plan a few tidbits about yourself in advance, but keep them malleable to the dynamics of the situation.
如果你做不到,或口吃,或做出让人迷惑的行为,那么你的努力就都白费了。 如果你表现沉着,说话时带点儿威严,那你算是抓住要点了。提前想好自己的趣闻,但是在现场要根据情况发挥。

7) Use a concise good-bye

Just like your introduction was concise, the good-bye should be brief and professional as well.

This shows you’re used to meeting new people, are comfortable breaking from a conversation, and above all could make the other party wish for more of your company down the road.