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不“峰”魔不成活Dream to live



不“峰”魔不成活Dream to live

Everyone has dreams. What if they come true? Last Saturday, Li Yifeng held a concert at Beijing’s National Indoor Stadium, with over 10,000 fans sharing in the realization of his dream.

Li performed 16 songs at the concert, which, to be honest, was far from perfect compared with professional singers. There were some notes broken or not in tune. But he devoted all his emotions to the music, because he had waited for this moment for so long.

Last summer, the 27-year-old shot to national fame with the hit drama Swords of Legends. But Li first built a fan base eight years ago when he attended talent show My Hero. At that time, he positioned himself as a singer.

He tried releasing an album and EPs afterward, but didn’t make much of a splash. Reluctantly, he switched to acting. Li revealed at People in News that he cried when his hair was completely shaved for the role of a constable in a Qing Dynasty drama, wondering: “How can I appear on the stage performing with this bald head?”

But gradually, the novice actor started to realize the joy of taking on a diverse variety of roles. His acting skills aren’t the best, as he has never received any professional training. But he earnestly studied every character and put his own spin on them when he portrayed them. For the cold and distant Baili Tusu, he watched videos of the game and tried to imitate the swordsman to make him more human.

In eight years in showbiz, Li has gone through numerous ups and downs. He’s experienced hundreds of crazy girls waiting at the airport for hours to see him for five minutes, and he’s failed to draw an audience during a free concert on Hunan TV.

Even at his low point, Li always had faith in himself. In an interview with Sina Entertainment, Li revealed he’s kind of a narcissist. “The universe has told me that I am sure to succeed. If you don’t believe in yourself then nobody will believe in you.”

When the editor from Men’s Uno asked him to give three wishes for 2015, he listed: travel and have his new role Wu Xie in The Lost Tomb well received by fans, but left the third open. “I’m quite satisfied with what I have got now and don’t want to be avaricious.”

Dare to dream big and also enjoy life, that’s Li’s attitude and what fans admire him for.